Monday, September 03, 2007

Hodgson Labor Day 9.3.07

The whole gang got together today for a picnic at hunter park. Michelle and Lema also came. We decided to get the dogs out of the house. Lets just say they will sleep VERY well tonight. We played lots of volleyball and had KFC and watermelon. Very fun, HOT day. Now we are all home resting and watching a movie together. Don't you just love those days it feels like saturday but it's not? well, I do because I have no work tomorrow. I guess the rest of the world does.

Tomorrow Rachel has the day off from school and my parents are leaving for their trip to Oregon and Washington. They will be gone for 2 weeks. YAY PARTAY TIME!!! Actually it will just be nice to get away from them for a while. Living with my mom 24/7 we both get a little touchy at times. So this will be a nice break.

Here are some pics and a movie from today. All of them + more have been posted in my photo album. I usually pick out the best ones for my blog and just file away the rest. Enjoy!

Adults, so boring. They just slept the whole time

Rachel has the talent for photography at just the wrong moment

Very thirsty dogs

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