Saturday, September 08, 2007

Are my brother and sister lazy? The answer to these is YES. My parents are gone in washington. My mom kind of put me in charge of doing the main "mom" chores, and I'm cool woth that, seeing how I'm home all day with not too much to do anyway. I do the catbox, take out the trash, make the meals, clean up the kitchen and living room, put bags in the garbage cans, sweep the kitchen, clean the dishes, put away the dishes, let the dogs out, comfort the cat when the dogs attack her, keep the dog Rachel is dog-sitting from destroying the house while she sits in front of the tv, Do all the laundry, pick up and take Rachel to school. What is there for my siblings to do? oh wait, NOTHING! I'M DOING ALL OF IT! Why should they help me? it's not like they eat off the dishes or anything. Heaven forbid they should PUT A NEW ROLL OF TP ON WHEN THEY HAVE USED THE LAST OF IT.

The dishes are 2 feet high. I am not even kidding you. I have done at LEAST 5 loads of dishes in the last three days. are they lazy they can't do ONE load? Apparently yes. i ask and ask and ask and because the parents who make them do it are away they can sit in front of the TV and veg while the house becomes a disaster area. I have asked Randy to do the dishes for 3 days and nothing. I let him use my DVD player, my computer, I make him dinner, and he sits and watches tv. Rachel is watching the neighbors dog. or she is supposed to be. She plays with him and lets him run wild. He's already eaten my shoe, peed on the floor(which she won't clean up) pooped in the basement(which she won't clean up), their is no water for thr dogs and no one will fill it because it's "not their turn", and they couldn't fill it anyway becase the dishes are blocking the faucet.

If I left to a friend's house for 2 days, I would come back to filth and a ruined house. It's like they have no concience at all. Keep in mind, they are not small children. this is a 23 and 17 year old.

I'm not doing the dishes anymore. If they want dishes, they wash them or eat with their hands. I don't give a crap anymore. They can feed themselves. lazy good for nothings.


  1. slobs. Sheesh. I'd totally appreciate you. :)

  2. You should make dinner... but only enough for you. :D and then eat it in front of them. randy cant even make a PB&J sandwich correctly, he'd be devistated


  4. Dude, that totally sounds like my old roommate. I feel your pain. I'd go away for can alwyas come see me. :)