Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Fashion Week 2007

Every year all the great (famous anyway) fashion designers get together and show off their new collections. Usually taking place in NYC, London, and Paris. I take mild interest each year just to see what will be the new IT style for the next year.

I've gone through about 7 collections today and was surprised. Surprised that someone could actually be called a designer, and pleasantly surprised that their are still decent designers around that produce something pleasing to the eye.
The main theme I caught onto from several designers, was big belle sleeves, very harsh hips and shoulder shapes, feathers, and big poufy dresses.

Lets start out with the Worst of the gang, Felipe Oliveira Baptista's Collection. He was obviously going for a frightening new "Superhero" outfit look. He had the mask, the odd colors and shapes, rediculous really. the only thing he was missing was a cape. Seriously, WHO would wear any of these except on Halloween or a superhero convention for nerds?
Yep, you'll see me in this at church on sunday

Ugly baggy t-shirt look with an odd-shaped lamp shade for a skirt. wowser
Going for the spiderman shoulder pad look
Thick spider web shawl. G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S.............

Next on the list is Franck Sorbier. Good ol' Frankie went for a vintage look and some actual clothing that is wearable.

Item No. 1, I like the color, the skirt, the feathers, but not the Swan like head about to bite her face. other than that, cute dress.

classic retro skirt, Love the black lace on white look. Hate the granny looking shawl. Dump that and we have a winner.

Old widow/nun obsessed with clocks. Yikes.

This one reminds me of crepe paper crafts in elementary school. though the top has a feather-like fringe I'm liking.

Of course, no one is perfect. I'm definately not liking this Pirates-of-the-carribbean-dirty-oriental-rug look.

I ADORE this dress. Unique lace-like hem, the always elongating v-neck, even the shawl compliments this one. Perfectomundo.

Next on the Agenda: Chanel. they had a few blah seen-it-before looks, nothing impressive. Here's a fun one for kicks and giggles.

Who knew WHAT they were thinking on this one. What's even more hilarious, is they have the runway made out of wet gravel. Let's kill all our models why don't we? Slippery, uneven surface + 5 inch heels = broken/sprained ankles. Fun for all! I guess no one's looking at the hideous clothes, someone was smart to give us some form of entertainement.

Next up: Christian Dior. I think their was a two word inspiration for his fall line. Frumpy Dress

From far away you can't tell, but I think the bodice of this dress is made from white bubble wrap. Here we see the first of our Big sleeve trend. Feminine classic 50's skirt almost toulle looking I like. the rest, trash. Well, maybe the sleeves. they are starting to grow on me. What is up with the elf shoes though?

Three words: NO FREAKING WAY

Exhibit B. looks like somone took a pizza cutter/hack knife tothis dress. what's with the Horizontal pizza shaped slits? Someone went bow crazy on the poor girl. Too much people, too much. (again, phsyco shoe?)

First look at this dress and I think, Overpowering obsessive mother in law. But I think it's a good power suit. I'll take one.

When I first saw this dress, I instantly thought, Purple popcorn. But upon closer examination, I quite like the adventagiousness of it all. The right sleeve looks unproportional, but other than that, I think this would be a show stopper at the Grammy's.

And Last but No freaking way not least. My favorite of them all, Elie Saab. All of his peices are romantic feminine evening dresses, some modern and many a vintage 20's glamour style with dropped waist and glitzy shimmer. Their was not one peice I disliked of his. way to go Elie, you win the gold cup from me this year.

I saw Keira Knightley in a dress that had the samde bodice & sleeves as this one. The whole silver ribbon wrapped around the bust is quite the glamour look.

Again we see the big sleeves. Kinda weird on this one, but the fabric is cool

More big silver sleeves, beautiful collar, again glitzy silver

I am REALLY loving this Shrug with the huge sleeves. SO much more dressed up than a regular shawl over the so so dress. It just says, Look at me!

Shimmery black, lots of intertwining lines make it unique

Great feminine bodice, again long flowy sleeves. Shimmery. perfect.(how does he do it?

I can't remember if this is elie or not, but the whole pattern and shape of the dress is gorfeous. Just lose the transluscent "I'm naked underneath" look and it's great.

gorgeous square neckline, flowy furry hem, oh so romantic

20's Dropped waist look, glimmering fabric, love it love it.

Again, lines + flowy sleeves= greatness

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