Friday, September 21, 2007

State fair Goings on

Last Thursday Rachel and I went to the State Fair together. we got an amazing parking spot about 1 minute from the grounds, and we happened to go the same day Shedaisy was performing a free concert. turns out we had to have tickets to get in and they were all out. We decided to stick around and try and hear them from outside, and right when we walked up some random girl came up to us and gave us two tickets. Perfect timing!! The concert was great though we didn't stay the whole time. Rachel didn't know they were country singers so we left after a couple songs. I was fine with that because I still wanted to make it to volleyball that night. I was right on time and played SO good. Very good night.

This Goat kept following Rachel and chewing in her pants. Vey affectionate for a goat!
These two were NOT camera shy. They loved attention
This wreath is made out of peach pits! So creative!!
I think this was made out of ceramic. Not sure, but Rachel loved it. She is always making things egg shaped so she went nuts when she saw this.

This picture was so vibrant and colorful I had to take a picture. I love it!

This flower was HUGE!! about 5-6" diameter. I need to find out what kind it is so I can grow it.
The traditional Butter cow. Did you know they freeze and re-use the same butter every year?
Inside the convention center they had the photography and comercial displays. I thought these were amazing and when we got up close you can see they are made out of plastic/glass tubes! Tubular.ha ha..
This little bunny had his back legs crossed. So cute. Like he was posing for us.

Happy hungry little fella

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  1. dude! I think your flower is a dahlia