Tuesday, March 08, 2005

"A witty saying proves nothing"

Well, I had the audition. THey only let me play one of my songs. And I had saved the best for last, so they didn't get to hear it! The sight reading was fair, and the scale almost perfect. It was a blast spending the weekend with Michell, Toni and Joe. But with all this happiness, something had to go wrong. I got a Migraine saturday night and didn't have my medication. I missed going to church with them the next day because my dad came to pick me up. Now if you know my dad, you know he drives really slow. So, I called him around nine and gave him directions, and he didn't show up until about 11:00. What was I to do for two hours naucious, and with a beating migraine? What I always do when I'm bored and need something to take my mind off the pain. CLEAN! No, I'm not joking, when I get bored when I'm sick I clean. So, I made their beds, did the dishes and cleaned up a bit. Holy Freak did they go nuts. Michelle called all surprised saying I didn't have to do it and said she felt bad, you know, the usual nice things she says. It made me laugh though. I guess they weren't expecting it. Fun Fun.
For family night we watched a movie and had treats. Naughty me. I ate a ton of candy. Toomorrow I'll be better though. (HA!) My mom and dad bought an eight foot windmill while I was gone, and we set it up and put it in the garden today. I guess we're going to grow peas and beans on it.
Well, I need to go to bed. Scripture study at 7:00am. Oh joy. I hope I get The scholarship!

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