Tuesday, March 08, 2005

All extremists should be taken out and shot

Well, another day in the life of me has passed by. I did a ton of stuff though. Want to hear about it? Didn't think so, but I'm going to tell you anyway. My mom and I planted a million bulbs and flowers in our front yard. I ate a corndog. I sprayed all the weeds around our house, all while drenching myself in the poison. Promptly took a shower after being drenched in poison. Made donuts. ate the donuts. Practiced Rachel's music with her on the Viola. Ate some slivered almonds. which by the way have 23% of your daily fat in one stupid serving. which means if you ate the whole bag like I did, you would have 92% of your daily fat in one sitting. So if I ever decide to go on a nut diet, I won't ever get thin. I guess it's the good kind of fat at least.
Here I am listening to John Tesh(famous pianist) eating more almonds, while the rest of the normal world is asleep. What a life. Half of my donuts got burned. the rest turned out fine. They didn't really taste like donuts though. More like sweet biscuits. Toni and Michelle, you'd be proud, I only ate one donut. Yay! I just won't mention how many donut holes I had.
Blast. I just remembered I have to do my taxes. What kind of world do we live in where the government in so poor, they have to take money from innocent civilians? I think I'll run the country next year, and abolish taxes. Run the country you say? Of course. I am the secret behind the United states' success. Bush is just a puppet I control in my spare time. But when I'm busy, he goes off and gets the country into trouble with war, famine and pestilence. I guess I've been slacking off alot lately. I better get my act together soon I suppose.
I need to update my other blog. It's my secret one that no one knows. Bwa ha ha. It's where I write about all my friends behind their backs and say mean things anout them to the world. Like how weird Joe is, how freakin' crazy Toni is, and Michelle, don't even go there my friend. I get shivers just thinking about what kinds of evil deeds she does in her spare time. Like bumping into walls and not even apologizing! sick, man. Sick.
Must sign off for now. Tootles.


  1. that was great. in response to the message left by thineself, we should definitely go camping sometime! and, i'm sorry about the swearing. like i said, it was temporary. kind of like your break from the presidency, ya know?

  2. Wait a minute... They told me I was controling Bush. See, I did the whole war, famine, pestilance thing... I guess we all know who REALLY controls the white house.. bwa ha ha. Oh, and you don't know the half of my crazy thing... :D