Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Be alert. The world needs more lerts.

I babysat my neighbors baby today. Oh, joy, the rapture that doth fill my soul aflight. Kind of dull if you ask me. I did my sisters hair all fancy tonight for school tomorrow. You'd think she was going to the prom or something. I jusst wish I could do it to my own hair. Wouldn't it be cool if we had eyeballs on our hands. then again, when someone would give you five, it be quite painful. We were planning on a healthy dinner tomight by buying subways. Not at this Hodgson house! We ended up buying a 24 pack of pop, 2 bags of chips, lots of candybars, and, oh yeah, Subway's. Good dinner though. Odd, lately I can't stand pop. It just makes me sick with all the sugar. I guess that's a good thing.
I found some really cool hairstyles on the internet today that I want to try. I love doing people's hair fancy. I'll post some of them after the blog.
I've got a date this weekend! It's with Tony. we haven't hung out forever, so he's being nice and taking me to Hill Air Force Base(I think) (whaoo!) (Sorry Joe) and then to some mexican resturaunt afterwords. Should be fun. I remember seeing the thunderbirds with my dad when I was little, but haven't been back there since. For those of you Airplane illiterate, thunderbird is a type of plane.
We need to go camping! Yes, everyone who is reading this blog(unless you're my stalker) we need to go camping for spring break! Joe, you have a car, I have a million tents, We can buy some beans and hot dogs, and we're all set! O wait, gushers and hot cheetos would be more practical for camping. So lets go! I mean it! I'm just dying for some mosquito bitess and moose bites! (aa moose once bit my sister ya know!)
Oh, Tony M.(Morrey) Has a blog now, It's
You know what I just realized? All of my friends are nineteen without me. Thanks for waiting for me ya jerks! I guess you'll all have to get me gushers for my b-day next month. I'll be expecting packages from each of you. Just don't let it happen again.
well I must be off to bed. Instead of perfecting myself all at once(which I can do, but choose not to) I'm starting by not drinking Soda pop, and getting eight hours of sleep. And waking up before noon every day. I'll keep you posted on how that works out.(if it does)
So, ta ta for now. Don't forget the camping!!!!
Love to everyone but my stalker, Bec


  1. "i've got [hair]... can you [do mine]?"

  2. p.s. - what if i'm your stalker? huh? would you still go camping with me?

  3. p.p.s. - your new favorite stalker is still 18 and will remain so until the second day of may, 2005. so, he, being not a jerk, and still your favorite stalker, shall always be just a bit behind you in the game of life.

  4. p.p.p.s. - sorry, this is so totally toni's fualt. she has corrected me for life on the my p.s.'s, so i've just had to do a few. besides, i'm noticing a trend here, my p.s.'s keep getting longer! did you see that before i pointed it out? neat-o huh?

  5. p.p.p.p.s. - i think i'll just go for a personal record here. astually i've gone for it and beat myself by three. unless you count all of my incorrectly grammasized, p.s.s.'s. then i'm probably only ahead by one or two. wait, i'm having a memory here. i think i remember getting up to five in the p.s.s. category.

  6. p.p.p.p.p.s. - ok, this is getting a little out of hand! my internal perental unit is about to blow a gasket, but my inner child is having a blast! get it? i totally came up with that one before i even realized it was punny! you know, i really should be saving all of this great typing for my own blog. however, i don't consider it a waste, because it's on becca's, and she my buddy.

  7. p.p.p.p.p.p.s. - i'm glad i don't have to pee. typing these p.s.'s and then typing all of those p's would really, i'm sure, have an effect upon me. do you have to pee? if so, i hope i have now brought it to your attention so that you may release the pressure that is built up inside of you. i think it's also a really nice destresser. not that i would know, but i does make sense if you think about it. especially from a holistic point of view.