Friday, March 04, 2005

The statement below is true.
The statement above is false.

I am so nervous, even though the audition is tomorrow. I have never been nervous enough to not want to eat food until today. When I auditioned for Weber State University, I wasn't nervous at all. But, I also forgot half of a song that I knew by heart. Maybe because I'm so nervous, I'll do good. I've played through the songs a millions times and am ready to perform. I can't say the same about my scale. My two kitty's are asleep on my bed. How would it be to have a life of no stress like a cat. The only thing they stress about is getting enough sleep and food.
It's a really nice day outside, and I want to go garden, But I just can't I can't do anything but practice and sit and think about nothing.
Michelle wrote today. She said the people in the phillipines don't use toilet paper! When the kids go in their pants, the moms just change their pants without washing them! She said they get infections all the time. the men and some women pee in the streets against buildings. In PUBLIC! can you say GROSS!
I can't write anymore. I'm too stressed out and can't think clearly. I jjust wanted to updaye for the day. I'm going to Orem tonight! Everyone wish me luck for my audition tomorrow. Talk to you all Sunday.

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