Thursday, March 10, 2005

"Quoting: the act of repeating erroneously the words of another."

Hum de dum, and la de da. You know what I accomplished today? absolutely NOTHING! Well, I ate food and went to institute, but that's it. As you can tell, I always start off my blog with a funny quote or saying. I am now adding pictures to the tradition. It just livens things up a bit. My dog Toby is asleep on my scale. His head weighs eight pounds. who would've thought? I IM'd Toni today, but then she suddenly dissapeared. I hope she didn't get sick. She did look a little green.
For dinner I had ramen noodles. But not your ordinary ramen noodles. I added sri raka. Kind of similar to tabasco sauce, but hotter and better. My sinuses are definately clear now. I watched James and the Giant Peach today. what an odd show. It made me hungry for peaches. I wonder why. All we had was apples, so I made do.
I was discussing with Kristi today about how Hilary Duff, Lindsay Lohan, and so called "Raven" can't act worth POO. Their were people at Cyprus that act better than them. They are extremely fake on-screen, have stupid facial expressions, and are annoying. Boy, if they are the future of Hollywood, count me out.
In other acting news, Mike Rohde was in Cyprus' play,"Much ado about nothing". I don't know what part he played, but I was told that in a early scene, he has to jump out of a tree. On closing night, he fell and broke his wrist, while coming out of the tree. He continued acting the rest of the show with a broken wrist, and no one knew. Now that's what I call acting. Bravo to you Mike.
Sorry this is so short everyone, but I have to write to Randy. He writes to us tonight. For those of you reading me blog and are clueless, he's my brother, on a mission in Germany, who gave me the childhhood name, "crack-a-bocka-boo" . Cute, ain't it. Joe, don't even think about calling me that.

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