Saturday, March 12, 2005

Keep America Tidy. Shoot a tourist

I missed a day of blogging. So shoot me. Actually don't. I prefer to live, even though my life is boring. I went outside today to work in my garden some more, but the dumb wind kept blowing everything away. I so excited! I'm going down town with Michelle, Tpni, and Julia, going to a concert, and then to dinner. I should be great fun. I had aYoung single adult council meeting today. karen Hunsaker is on the council too. we talked forever afterwords about everything. She has a boyfriend, (for about 2 months) That is going on a mission in July, and she wants to set me up with his friend mason. Interesting. well, I do wish I had some kind of a love life. I'm going to get an application from where she works too. she gets good pay and awsome benefits.

Anyway, back tothe meeting. we are all kind of new at our callings, so we didn't accomplish much, but I found out we have an unlimited budget, so after every activity we go out to eat somewhere, and church pays for it. Plus, I was put in charge of planning the summer BBQ party we have every year. and guess what the budget is? $1,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I get to plan a party and I get a thousand bucks to do it. We are inviting five nearby stakes too. Plus, I'll make michelle Toni and Joe come. I thought that was SO awsome! Next month we are going to the church history museum, and then to subway afterwords.(thanks to me) No one would sugest anything, so i pretty much planned all of it. fun fun. I guess this won't be such a bad calling after all.

well, I must run. I have to go to the store with my mom real quick and do my hair all pretty before I go downtown with Shell and Toni. I really should clean my room too. But that can always wait because it's not a priority. Ta Ta!


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