Tuesday, February 15, 2005

I'm Baaaaaack!

My internet works! After two weeks of using my dad's laptop with only a dial up connection, I have my computer with Cable connection! Everyone says it, but it is so true: You don't realize how much you love something/someone until it's gone. I also found out today that my old orchestra teacher, aka: cuz, had a heart attack! that is so scary! The really creepy thing is that my old orchestra teacher from Jr. High also had a heart attack the year after I left. I guess they just miss me so muuch that their hearts couldn't take it. (ha)
Well, today is Valentine's day. Tthe day where I feel like a loser in tthe world along with all the other single people out there. My friend Michelle calls it singles awareness day. You can say that again. I started a third of my seeds indoors today for my garden. After about three years of gardening, I've decided I like flowers more than vegetables. I don't know why. They smell good and are petty. oops, Pretty. I'm still going to plant tomatoes though. Can't live without them. Even though they give me heartburn.
I practiced my viola today with my little sister Rachel. It's been a while since I practiced. The cool thing is, my vibrato has really improved. It's much wider and slower than it used to be. YYay!
Angela and Andrea are getting married in a month. I can't believe it! People my age are getting married! I remember when I was finally old enough to date! I can't believe how fast Life has been passing me by the past three years. I'm sure many of my friends reading this feel the same way.
Speaking of time going by, It's 1am! I really need to go to bed Good night world!

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