Wednesday, February 16, 2005

All music is folk music. I've never heard a horse sing a song.

I just finished settting up an account on my computer for my younger sister Rachel whom I lovingly call stinky, as she calls me Bucka. She also has a blog website. It's My sister is very weird. So some of her blogs should be interesting. It's like she came right out of the book Series of unfortunate events. She likes junk art and weird clothes too. Any way, my dear friend Shell has finally recieved a letter(e-mail) from her fiance. Well, ok she's not engaged. You should see her blog for today though. She wasn't excited one bit. (Insert: sarcasm tone) Today I made pancakes for breakfast. It has been a very long time since I actually ate something, let alone cooked something for breakfast.
Sorry for any people of the male gender reading this next section, but I feel like writing it. All this week I have been on a PMS rollercoaster the past week. My mom told me to do the dishes, and I felt like blowing her up. I even went to bed at nine because I was so frustrated. It's been three months since my last "time off the month" I guess I get all the hormones and emotions, but not the actual thing. Ok men, you can start reading again, I'm finished with that subject.
I need to go exercise and practice my viola, so until tomorrow!

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  1. Bec, you're funny. Thanks for making my day brighter!