Tuesday, February 22, 2005

I went to a general store, they wouldn't let me buy anything specifically Go to this website to see the kind people my oldest brother Michael hangs out with.
I rearranged part of my room. It gives you kind of a refreshing feeling. Like having a new room, or a bath or something along those lines. Ah, Monday. or as most abnormal families call it, "Family Night". Tonight we are going to Subway, and then watching an inspirational movie. Today felt like Saturday because the whole family was home. I slept in until noon. Crazy huh?
Idaho was okay I guess. It was bright and sunny here in Utah, so I figured,"hey, why not wear some good ol' flip flops?" then we arrive to the land of potatoes and their is a blizzard going on. Anyway, we took my grandparents out to eat at a resturaunt called Jonny Be Good. The food was average, but they played oldies and cool signs all over the walls. Kind of Retro looking. We just watched shark tale. Is it just me, or was it about a bunch of black gangster rapping fish, who are helping a gay shark find himself? Just a thought. My dad got me a new computer keyboard today. the keys on this one get stuck all the time. I also gave my cat Jack a bath. that was an experience. I need to go to bed. I am waking up pretty early tomorrow. Goodnight people of the world.

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