Thursday, February 17, 2005

If the king loves music, their is little wrong in the land.

Today Tony and I went to see Mr. Ness, our former orchestra teacher. Apparently, he didn't have a full blown heart attack. Just a mini heart problem. The doctors said one of the tubes in his heart was 98% clogged. Scary. Anyway, he's on medication and a special diet(even though he was eating valentine's chocolates while we were there) and seems to be doing fine. Susie( Tony's sister) brought her two month old Zach along to show Ness. He's a cutie. I was reading through Shell's blogs today.
I really want to go to college, but the Pell grant won't cover everything. My dad won't let me get a loan either. So I started filling out scholarship applications online. It sounds like Michelle is having a blast at UVSC. I just want to move out and get my life moving. Lately I've just been sick of my family. It might have something to do with my PMS streak, but I still want to move out and go to school. I actually miss doing homework and sitting in a clasroom. Most of all I miss having orchestra. Since I'm not in Utah youth anymore, the only playing time I get is when I go to Matheson and help out the 7th grade violas who don't have a clue of what to do.
Institute is a relief to my world though. After having seminary every other day in high school, then graduating and having nothing, is kind of a shock to the system. I have a hilarious taecher, and I learn a ton in the class. New testament isn't my fav subject, but I'm learning to love it.
My sister is sitting next to me and wants to use my computer for homework. she is driving me nuts. My parents want to go to Idaho to visit my grandparents. We aren't exactly close to them , and I'm not that excited about going. Oh well. I think I'll go practice or exercise to relieve some stress. I've been wacked out lately. Please leave comments to keep me company!

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  1. Try for a Pell grant anyway. We're donig scholarship auditions here soon. I'll find out when they are, if you want. You could always move and just get a job to pay your rent. I know exactly how you feel. I went through all of that myself recently. I'll be coming home the 26th. I'll come get you and you can keep me company while I pack. I miss talking to you all of the time. Glad to know it wasn't a Heart Attack. Miss you lots