Sunday, August 31, 2008

Vacation Part 1

We made it to Vancouver, WAshington tonight, and after a 2 hour long swim in the pool with Rachel, I decided to give you a glimpse so far of our vaction.

These are in no particular order btw. Here we have mountnoma(?) falls supposedly the second highest waterfall in America. Very beautiful, but packed with people. We forgot that it was labor day weekend. I love the beautiful trees and moss all over the ground. Green everywhere.

Cliffs seem to be the theme in Oregon.

I love ferns. I have a travel journal from years back full of ferns from almost every state I've been to.

Our bow-tie towel waiting for us at Holiday Inn Express. They give us a huge breakfast every morning. We best buds.

Full size Stonehenge replica. Some rich old guy who fought in WWII made it as a memorial for a bunch of soldiers. Cool lookin.

The parents

RAchel wall climbing.

Our sacrifice to the Washington Gods.

A vacation isn't a vacation without a squished penny to show for it.

Twin Falls Temple.

Me and the temple

Mt. Hood in the backround of the stonehenge mountain. It was SO windy!

Our first night in Idaho KOA. We had to set up the tent at 11pm in pitch black. It was anew tent too. Fun times.

The dock for the foot paddle boats.

The brindge at some gorge. Can't remember the name, you'll get all details when I get back to Utah. Base jumpers too. Videos to come.

Shoshonie Falls, Idaho.

I love all things mossy.

We'll oot n' aboot for the next couple of days. Just thought I'd give you a peek of our adventures so far. HAving a blast, and no sunburns, sickness or injuries so far. Seeya laters!


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