Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Me and the fam(most of us) are off to a two week vacation to Washington, Oregon, and Canada. I may be the only one returning too. I'm the only one with a passport to get back into the U.S. If that happens, I'll throw a big party at my newly empty parent-free house.
A couple of our stops along the way will be Dale Chihuly's workshop and neighboring museum (just go to google images under his name and you'll see why I love the man), La Push & Forks Washington from the ever worshipped twilight series, the space needle, and buchart gardens where I hear is the most amazing sunken garden ever. Plus many more that will be spur of the moment excursions.
I'm relying on my two brothers and sister to water my garden enough to keep it alive while I'm gone. But just in case, I've had the soaker hose on for about 6 hours now. It's just starting to produce a plentiful harvest of tomatoes & squash, so when I get back I should have quite the produce collection.
I'll be sure to take mounds and mounds of pictures (you know me) and share several along the way if my dad decides to bring his laptop.
Rachel and I stopped at the library tonight to get a bunch of books for the driving part. One of them was all about HTML. I also have a book on TCP/IP I might bring. Might as well learn something along the way.
Must finish packing now.
Adios Amigos!

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