Wednesday, August 06, 2008

My babies

Miles such a cutie! My mom and I went with Michelle to do some shopping for a day and Miles came along. He sits up, holds his head up perfect, loves standing, and is trying to talk so hard. And he's not even 3 months old! My mom says he will skip crawling and start running one of these days.

Mommy and Baby. He looks kind of chinese here. If you can't tell by the picture, he's got on a Nike basketball onesie. Nike should pay them for how much this kid will be advertising throughout his life. He already has his own full size basketball.

When he smiles, his hands go violent and he almost convulses. He's too happy for his own good.

He's just about ready for his first haircut. This kid was born with HAIR!

Recently, Ace has become more weird than usual. He'll randomly jump on our laps thinking he's a 5lb. lap dog. He most definately is not. Especially when the claws get you right in the gut. Oh, ignore our unorganized home office. Actully, Dad's mini WesTech away from the big one. He is quite the workoholic.

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  1. lol mini-westech....

    You know we'd die without him... :)