Thursday, September 11, 2008

The land of rain?

Well, I TRIED to upload some pictures, but the dumb blogger kept losing them somewhere in the internet. I have to finish packing up my stuff as we are on our way to california and nevada on our way home, so you have to wait unti lI get back for the massive picture dump I'll be doing.

Jocelyn gets home tonight!!!!!! I'm so excited to see her when I get back, and am sad I can't see her get off the plane. After a year and a half I guess i can wait another two days.

INteresting thing happened two days ago. I noticed the brakes sqealing avery now and then, but because it was such a high frequency, my parents couldn't hear it. A couple days later, we have metal to metal grinding of the brakes. NOt very good when we're travelling up and down steep mountains. So we had to take the van to hertz and switch for a new van, because to fix the brakes would take a day we didn't have to spare. So we have a new toyota van that is lame compared to our old Hyundai we all know and love.

We're off to see crater lake and possibly a drive through jungle experience with african type animals. Hmmm, not so sure about that second one.

Need to pack now. Vacation is a blast, but I'm glad it's almost over, two and a half weeks is a long time to be confined to a van with my sister and my parents. Nerves are starting to frazzle here. How is Utah these days? I hear you guys have been getting drenched lately. Funny because here in washington, it hasn't rained once.

Gotta go now!


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