Monday, August 04, 2008

I got up really early today to water my garden. Normally, I never ever wake up early (Lack of a job does that to you) but I had gone 3 days without watering and knew my plants would die in this insane heat we've been having. As it turns out everything was still living and not too droopy looking. Of course I took my camera with me!

Who knew one day I would plant morning glories! These are the non-weed kind and are about 2" in diameter. The really dark purple color makes it look as though a light was in the center of the flower. These are the strangest flowers. They open up only at sunrise and close the rest of the day.

Sweet 100 cherry tomatos. I usually eat the red ones before I can get any pictures.

I didn't realize how many of these bulbs I had. They keep popping up like mad.

My biggest beef steak tomato. Can't wait for this sucker to ripen up.

I've had so many of these flowers come up, I've started picking them and am going to press them. Hopefully they will turn out nice enough to make something out of them like a bookmark or card.

We have an 6ft. fence around our yard, as well as trees along the border. When I get up early enough, the garden is still in the shade and I can get all the watering done before heat stroke hits.

My first squash! I think it's a butternut squash. I planted three kinds in one area, so this will be a surprise.

My -now 9 ft. tall- sunflower bloomed the other day. The stalk of this giant is thicker than my wrist.

First larger tomato! My mom and I split it. It gave me heartburn beause I hadn't eaten anything yet, but it was worth it! Nothing compares to homegrown tomatoes!

The ever perfect cosmo.

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  1. the thought of plantingmorning glories instead of pulling them up... its a concept I don't understand... My hatred for them runs deep enough that I could never bring my self to plant them intentionally.
    however your beefsteak is loking pretty big... you should put your hand next to it in the pictures so we can have some kind of reference as to how big it is.. oh and that reminds me... in a few weeks when tomatoes are starting to turn red we need to compare beefsteaks... Im pretty proud of how big mine are getting.