Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Curfew......what curfew?

After the YSA summit carnival and dance, Rachel and I drove downtown to browse temple square a bit. It was 11pm, very dark, lots of weirdos(including us), and very entertaining. For me at least.

While I was trying to take some pictures, Rachel entertained herself by swinging on objects, running around wildly, and making the occasional "whoop" noise. I pretended not to know her

I tried to get some symmetrical and close up pictures of the temple, but there were millions (ok, like 5) couples glued together in their smushyness practically making out, all of them of course in the way. So Rachel and I trekked off to find a better place with no PDA involved. We found a secluded spot by one of the church's office buildings.

We even got rained on a bit. We didn't mind though, it got rid of some of the overly affectionate couples.

It's been fun visiting all the temples in the valley. Last night my parents and I went to do a session at the Jordan River Temple. We're so blessed to have so many temples nearby. I need to go more often. So should you all. guilt............

Rachel took the camera. Again she succeeds in taking the worst picture of me possible. I don't know how she does it.

Rachel had a thing for swinging on the poles that night. Right after this picture, she hit her head. She then moved on to the whooping at random cars. I have no idea where the insanity comes from.

This week for family night we drove off to see another work-in-progress temple. This one is the Draper. You have to climb quite the mountain side to get to it. It's surrounded by mansions and castles. I'm not even joking. Many were up for touring in the parade of homes. They were gigantic. I thought it was unique how the angel Moroni has a golden platform on this temple. Like they wanted to make sure he was extra tall or something..

We have the worst timing as a family. Each time we go see a temple, it's getting dark and I can only get couple pictures that are really dark. One of these days I'll go alon during the day and get some good ones.

Entrance at the conference center. Did you know the garbage cans along the doors aren't bolted down? I refuse to reveal the outcome of Rachel and I gaining that knowledge for fear of criminal charges. It wasn't that illegal.

All in all, it was a fun night with the carnival and then a couple hours downtown. We didn't exactly keep track of time and got home around 1am. We don't officially have a curfew at home. We never needed one because we were responsible teenagers. Just don't mention anything about garbage cans, random cars and a security camera to my parents and we'll be fine.


  1. I was un-aware of such a fact (silently scheming).... why would they not bolt them down... there are too many up-to-no-gooders out there (like you) for them to make such a mistake.

  2. Wow, this sounds like the beginning of some major mischief making....