Friday, August 22, 2008

I ate it, yes I did.

I finally crossed off another item from my wish list. This thing is going to take a while.

Today we went to Buffet City for my brother Michael's 28th birthday. I have wanted to try sushi forever. I've heard from some it's nasty, others say it's amazingly delicious. I wanted to test the theory myself, but wanted it to be authentic so my judgment would be fair. I had A california roll with a bit of wasabi and teriyaki dipping sauce. (sorry about the quality, camera phone you know)

The verdict:

It seemed to be overly fishy tasting, a chewy raw texture, and a bit annoying because of the little fish bones to pull out of my teeth. I like my meat/fish cooked and hot, and this was the opposite. I don't think I'll be having the stuff ever again. But I can add a check mark to my list now. Only 7 or so more things to do.

Now, to the grand finale of our meal, I introduce you to another fishy specimen up for ridicule: The lonely Octopus

Yes, this was on the menu. About a quater size octopus in some kind of marinade.

And guess what I did? Yes my friends, I ATE this! After the sushi I was feeling a little gutsy, we had a camera, so why not? I grossed out every member of my family but my brother in law Lema who had one himself. I almost gagged, but I chewed it, tasted it, and swollowed it. 6 people can attest that I ate an octopus. Extremely rubbery, with a slight taste of sardines.

It's just the fact that you know you're eating something creepy looking which makes it hard to swallow. Can you believe it? Kind of an adrenaline rush you might say.

Fun times.


  1. I have had sushi before. Some is good, some is bad. If you want good sushi (and something not overly scary), that doesn't have a fishy taste, I'd recommend the eel roll (yes it sounds scary but it is REALLY good). Anyway, I personally think the California roll is one of the worst ones around, but some people love it I guess. Anyway, just thought I'd add my 2 cents worth and say you shouldn't give up on sushi. A lot of is is seriously good and most of it doesn't have a fishy taste (I hate fish, but love most sushi). Now I'm rambling...

  2. Promise me you'll try it again at a place like Happy Sumo. And try Sashimi. California rolls are nasty, and the fish is actually cooked. Sounds like you got a nasty one.

    Maybe that's what we'll do for the bachelorette party! GOOD sushi!!

  3. Hmm, Maybe I will try something else.