Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Ah, what the Heck, I'll update

I'm trying to figure out why I capitolized Heck like that in the title. Am I using it to replace the word Hell? Like fudge, dang, shoot and heck, should we really be saying them? Isn't it like carrying around non-alcoholic beer? or a temporary tatoo? I know I sound like my mother right now, but The thought just came to me from women's conference about Eternal perspective, just a sec, I'll go find it..........ok, found it She said, " Look through the lense of eternity, you gain a new and better perspective" I know, not earth shaking or anything, but in the next life, will we ever say some of the stuff we do now? will we wear(if anything) what we wear now in the presence of god? or would we be ashamed? would we watch the shows we watch if God was sitting next to us? I think not. Oh well, something to think about.
I'm mad right now. I ordered my shoes on saturday and paid two bucks extra to get them shipped two day air. And yes I even calculated that the weekend into that. It is now wednesday evening and I have no shoes. If I don't get them tomorrow, Payless is getting a very long Irate email from me. *grrrrrr*
Oh, I almost forgot. The stake president calleed us today and asked Randy and my parents to come in. RANDY LEAVES MONDAY FOR GERMANY!!!!! It came SO fast! He'll be out until july of next year. they extended his mission so we won't see him for TEN MONTHS! just a side note

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  1. Payless shoes beware! Beck is IRATE!