Saturday, October 01, 2005

I chopped off my HAIR!

Yes, I was totally getting sick of my hair, and I had a coupon for great clips, so WHAMO, I cut my hair. I will post a before and after photo, don't worry. It is very short, but I love it. I have this "sweep" going across my forehead that I absolutely adore. I told her to give me lots of layers and some bangs just to shake things up a bit. My mom and I went to Walmart and got a bunch of food and snacks for conference, we always make it a big family get together type thing. I couldn't stop looking in the freezer doors atmy reflection. Yes, I love my hair.
I made a fur pillow today for my bed. It has two tassels on each end and looks like a ginormouse tootsie roll. still cool though. I will write tomorrow after conference, i need to go to bed so I won't fall asleep during conference. I LOVE MY HAIR!

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