Thursday, September 15, 2005

I went to Cyprus today

I had to pick up Rachel from school today. Holy MEMORIES! That school will forever stay in my memory as part of the best times in my life. I even got to see Ness again who is sporting the ever popularMullet again. :) Man, high school kids are short! Very weird.
Last night Randy and I drove up 8400 close to the copper mine is to see the Arora Borealis. thay said on the news there was a 70% percent chance of seeing it. U huh. We saw nothing but extremely polluted air down town, lots of stars, a very red mars, amd a plethera of mosquitoes. It was fun though. I brought my binoculars and checked out the moon. Kind of exciting. Very cold though. i had a jacket on and was still freezing. Luckily there was a wool blanket it in the trunk that kept me toasty. I need to get a telescope sometime, because Magna is the perfect place to see stars with the mountains so close and all.
Well, i gave in to two of my temptaions at Walmart yesterday, wait make that three. I bought a box of gushers(of course), I bought a new purse(Purse addiction is hereditary in my family), and two notebooks. Very cute notebooks I might add. I write a lot and need paper so I buy a lot. more than i probably need, but I will never run out of notebooks in my lifetime. But the purse thing is kind of getting out of hand. I've decided I can't buy a nwe purse unless i get rid of one of my old ones. right now I have a total of 9 purses. But I use everyone of them, so no one can complain.
Sorry about having to add word verification in the comments, I seem to get a lot of spam coments in my blogs, so its for the better good of,
I had subway for lunch today. just thought I'd make your mouth water.
Well, I've amazingly run out of things to say, so you get a reletively short blog for the day, but hey, i update more than any of you guys, right?


  1. I have twenty-three purses.

  2. I'm sorry becca. I didnt mean to make you mad or anything. i was having a really crapy day :( I dont know what go into me. you know I couldn't doubt you as a freind I've known you for WAY too long for that. subway eh? we need to go to spankys they are like subway but much much better. only problem is they are only in bountiful :( purses heck thats not as bad of an addiction as my mom has. she collects avon roll on deoderant she's up to around 25 I think no joke but thats my mom shes an odd kind of egg anyway. I have a strikingly large collection of shoes. embarrasing really being a guy and all. I'm proud to say however that 75% of them are sandal and/or flip-flops.