Tuesday, September 13, 2005

A good thing

I watchd the new martha stewart show today. It's more like a talk show than the old show Before she went to prison. can you belive she was preparing meals she had IN prison? You'd think someone that famous with a reputation to uphold would steer clear of anything in relation to prison, but now it is going to become a socially accepted thing in hollywood. Boggles my mind.
Does anyone else in this world have a childhood candy? you know, the candy that you had growing up, and then your teenage years it stopped and you forgot about it, and now you find it and go nuts? Well, I have that thing with lemon drops. My mom would buy them all the time, and the other day I found some in Walmart(gotta love that store, even if it is taking over the world) and am sucking on a peice as I speak, well....type i guess. I miss my childhood. Elementary school was a blast. I had a ton of friends and loved going to school. ahhh, the good ol days. they seem to be getting fartther and farther away. Speaking of, we're almost all out of our teen years, can you believe it? I guess the TonIY's will be the first ones to go. the big ol 20. Not like you turn in to a pumpkin on your 20th b-day, it's just officially saying you aren't a vrainless teenager anymore and now you have to act like it.
I hate eyelash curlers. part of the little plastic strip on mine somehow moved, so when I last curled my eyelashes, it chopped them in half. They look completely rediculous. They are growing back steadily though, and I make sure and us e plenty of mascara to make up for the loss. I'll just end up buying a new one and using it once the lashes grow back. What we women do for beauty. *sigh*
I have a crazy cool lamp. It has music notes on the shade, and the base is a saxaphone player leaning on a bass all shaped out of metal. I love music looking stuff. My whole house is going to be full of music junk.
You know how some people concentrate better while listening to music? I CAN"T. I can't listen to music while doing homwwork or writing in my blog or anything. It distracts me. i focus on the music and make comments to myself about how this guy gets flat on his high notes, his vibrato is to distanced, and how the chord progression is dull. Some of you guys know exactlyu what I'm talking about. So, in other words, I always write my blogs in silence because I would accomplish nothing with the music on.
Oh, Michelle! and Joe, guess what music ness gave the orchestra? Greensleeves(yes the SAME one we played) kings of orient(yes the SAME one we played) and eine klein a nachtmusic(yes the SAME one we played) can you believe that? do all music teachers do that? Karel did, now Ness. what is with these teacher? you'd think they would get sick of hearing the same music year after year. BORING!
anywho, Oh, Rachel made Sr. granite Youth Symphony and starts rehearsal tomorrow. Lucky. I wonder what chair she'll be. My little sis, following in my footsteps*sniff*
My mom is making some sort of egg noodle, mushroom thingy for dinner. Blech. Sometimes I am just not in the mood to eat. but I do it anyway. No wonder I'm bulging at the seams. Over the past couple of years I've decided what foods I do and don't like. And if someone makes the food I don't like, why should I eat it if I'm bot going to enjoy it? Take fish for instance, I hate it. We went out for dinner one time for family night and my mom chose skippers. I sat in the car a nd read because i wasn't about to eat something just because it was there, I wasn't hungry, and the thing was probably 5,000 calories. i didn't care that the whole family was eating it and I wasn't, I just wasn't going to eat it. I may sound like a stubborn snob, but think about it, why would you eat something if you'r not going to enjoy it even if everyone around is? Makes sense to me.
You know, everyone in my family bugs me about writing in a blog and how it's a wasteof time, but it really helps me sort out my fellings and give me a sense of relief once I publish my blog . Just to know that someone somewhere will read how my day went and how I was feeling, it makes me feel better.
I had a slim fast today. not because I use it as a diet, i just like the taste. It's like a chocolate shake, but one that won't kill me faster oddly enough. Sure it has all my vitamins and calcium for the day, but so did the cheetos, chicken, and smoothie I had with it. kind of defeats the purpose of drinkning one in the first place, oh well.
Yuck, my mom just started cooking onions. makes want to cry.(because they taste so bad of course)
My mom just asked me to go with my dad to drop off a movie at Reams. I a in my pajama's, haven't showered yet, and would turn people to stone if I went out in public like this. Seriously though, I just don't hink it's appropriate to go out in public in PJ's and slippers. You should only wear those kind of things at home. Kind of Jr. High-sh I think. I guess I've been "oh-so-proper" since I had a lesson in relief society about we should be wearing our absolute best when going to church because we're inGod's house and should wear the absolute best clothing we own, which doesn't happen to include flip flops. I haven't wron flip flops to church since then. And when i go to the temple flip flops aren't evn an option. as are jean skirts. Sorry, too casual for God, and slippers are to casual for the public. Ok, I'm done with my ranting and raving. time to update my other blogs and stop running at the mouth here. Tootles.


  1. Wow, I didn't realize how long i rambled on there, sorry guys!


  3. 20 20 20 hee hee hee Im going to be old now. well becca I just nominated you for the "longest blong in a whole big long time" award. yep yep. i think your going to win I mean the competition is joe. and well he hasn't updated for some time now so really he's looking at being disqualified.

  4. Hi Becca. That is really funny about the music that we played in orchestra. Makes me laugh. Ha ha ha. I'm going to be twenty in a few months, too. Scary thought...