Friday, September 02, 2005

"They say there's a town in New Orlean's"

If you're like me you have been glued to the TV watching all that's happening with Katrina. (Oh, by the way, sorry for not updating, I've been in a mood) It boggles my mind how this could happen. Seeing so many people homeless, the death toll rising, annd don't even get me starrted on animals. I saw on the national news yesterday a sky view from a helecopter. Their was a roof with five dogs on it. just sitting there, hungry and helpless. I wanted to cry. I mean people can take care of themdelves and have some knowledge of what to do in this kind of situation. What about the animals? They need a red cross for animals in disaster situations like this. Ok, new subject or I'm going to cry.
Wow. it's been a while since I updated. Not much has happened though. Rachel started school(and got a brand new stinkin wardrobe I might add) and she absolutely HATES high school. She's not the most social bug in the world and I feel bad for her. She just doesn't know anyone in her social group. Hopefully thing will turn out all right for her.
We are taking toby in next week to get his lump removed. It's finaly become too large. probbably the size of a huge orange. Poor Tobster. I have some picures of him to post today, can't forget them.
Last week we did a bunch of stuff as a family before scchool started for everyone. We went to hill airforce base museum( very cool) and I got a ton of pics, we went to some LDS rock garden where this guy carved things out of rock. totally awsome. also some good pics there.
Randy and I have been riding bikes 10 miles everyday for the past two weeks. can you say sore butt! (seriously, can you?) We have been going up cemetary hill daily too. holy freakin ouch. My legs are getting quite buff I must say though. Oh, funny thing happened the other night. we decided to go through a feild because we didn't want to ride in the road at night, not exactly safe. so we find this filed with a dirt path winding through. I noticed some green flat plants growing in the middle of it, so I said we should probably stick to the road because prickly bushes are plentiful in Magna. Randy said," Nah, they're probably just weeds or something" famous last words. we ride through, takes about ten minutes, come all the way back and get on the road to go home, when all of sudden I hear this crunching sound. "Randy, what is that sound?" "Ummm, I think there's something on my tires" Turns out our tires were covered in hundreds-if not thousands-of pricklies. we rode the mile home praying the tires wouldn't go flat before we go there. Amazingly they didn't go flat till we got home. I had a total of 45 holes in my tubes, and countless on the tires themselves. As you can guess we didn't go on a bike ride last night. We went out today and got rubber tires. totally aswome. completely rubber, no air involved. you could shoot a nail gun through those puppies and keep riding smoothly. very cool. Why we didn't get those before bike riding? ask Mr. ,"they're probably just weeds" man. I'll go post some pictures now. Oh, any girls in need of some seriously cheap clothes,, go under "bargains" I just got five shirts, shorts, a swimsuit, tank tops and two purses for $90! they are throwing out all the summer stuff to make room for winter. Some serious deals girls.

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