Friday, July 01, 2011

Tripods and wedding dresses

Steven and I wanted to get some good pictures of us on our honeymoon, so Steven got me (us) this! Turns out we didn't even bring it. It was somehow left in the kitchen :(

Oh well, I love it anyway and now finally have an awesome tripod!

Rachel came with me on my third trip of wedding dress shops. She was quite the helper and we had quite the fun. bwa ha ha......

Rachel gets a little crazy in enclosed spaces sometimes...


Again, the crazy.

And again....

The Greek looking dress

The dress that was 6 inches too short

Pretty hair accessory that Rachel will no doubt mimic perfectly and make millions.

Here I am at Bridal Image where I ultimately bought my wedding dress.

I believe this one was a Maggie Sottero. Not exactly my style, but beautiful!

You only get to dress up like this once in your life, might as well make the best of it!

But this one was the favorite. I pretty much knew it was my dress as soon as we walked in and I saw it on the hanger. Not even knowing if it was modest, lond enough or my size. But it was. I LOVE my dress!

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