Thursday, June 30, 2011

Birthday flowers! I LOVE lilies!!!!  (Yeah, this is from April, old, I know...)

Ah, pretty wedding ring. I'm still obsessed with staring at it and thinking of my hubs ♥

Steven and I met up with Shell, Brian, Toni & Bekah at the new(to me) Pizza stop in Magna. Delicious pizza (Ours was MASSIVE) and great company. My family used to get pizza stop pizza from the old location all the time. I'm so glad they brought it back and now have a dine in place.

Here's Shell. She's covering up her preggo belly :)

Toni & Bekah. I LOVE Bekah's face here! It was neat how they have white boards with markers for the kids to draw on.

Most of these pictures are from Steven's droid. Hence the grainy look of them. He stole this one of me during our engaged months.

Eli and his muscles :)

Steven's step dad Garry has a son who does spray paint art. He is self taught and did this one about 2 weeks after learning how to do it. Incredible! ALL done with spray paint! Rachel does this type of art too. So cool!

Eli on his blessing day. This kid is a chunk! I love him!

My brother Michael and Eli

The proud grandparents! Shortly after Eli was screaming. The posing didn't last ling.

My Hunk and his goat.

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