Monday, July 18, 2011

Sunday Lesson

Steven and I have this switching off sleep schedule. Weekdays, he's up at 7am or earlier to get ready for work. While he's showering, I have an internal battle on whether I should get up like a good wife, make him a nutritious (HA!) lunch, make sure he has a water bottle for the day and kiss him goodbye at the door. 97% of the time, this happens. The other 3% days, I stay in bed in my guilty comfort and he gets fast food for lunch. Because I don't work until the afternoon, he's my only motivation to get out of bed.

Now switch to weekends. My body is stuck on the weekday schedule and around 8am, I'm pretty much awake. But who wants to leave a comfy bed when your husband is sleeping so soundly and you get to snuggle uninterrupted? Needless to say, our Saturdays don't usually get moving until 11am, and Sundays have been a struggle to get up and go to church. (Which is totally lame of us, because our ward starts at 11). Well, this Sunday I was determined to get out of bed and make it to our ward. It was fast Sunday and I usually get the most out of that Sunday more than the others.

We made it just in time for sacrament and stayed the whole block. I absolutely LOVE being with Steven during church. It's one of my favorite things to do with him. 

Anyway, getting the point of this post. Relief Society was about freedom. Part of the lesson we read about opposition in all things (can't know freedom without the bondage, etc.). We read a scripture about it and I had note I wrote in years ago saying, "You CAN'T have one without the other." We can not know happiness without sadness. joy without pain, good without bad and all that jazz (I'm spiritual, I know...). 

Last night Steven and I were having an argument and let's just say happy feelings were not in abundance. We went to bed mad, silent treatment (mostly me) and hurt. Even having prayer together didn't help. Fast forward to 1:30 in the morning. I was in serious stomach pain, on the edge of losing it, practically hyperventilating because of the sharp stabbing and stumbling around the house.

Even though we had been fighting (bad) and he was dead asleep, as soon as Steven heard me up and moving around in the dark he sat up and asked what was wrong. I winced out that I was dying and needed something for my stomach. He practically ran to the kitchen and went through every box and bottle of medicine we have until he found some Pepto-Bismol tablets for me. I took them and then curled up in bed while he just held me until I fell asleep. Talk about not holding a grudge.

We have our rough spots in marriage, but just like in the gospel, you can't have one without the other. The way I felt after Steven took care of me that night was a full 180 degrees. I love him so much even though we argue at times. He's such a good Hub :)

I will step off the soap box now...

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