Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July happenings

The day before the last Harry Potter came out my dad called me right as I was leaving work and asked if Steven and I wanted free tickets to a preview showing at an Imax theater. YAHOO!!!!!! Free movie, BEFORE it was shown everywhere else, MASSIVE screen, it was amazing!

Rachel and Michael couldn't contain their excitement:

We were pretty stoked too, just not as crazy :)

They had a costume contest before the movie which was pretty cool too. The fat Lady on the Gryffindor room on the far left and Mad Eye Moody as well. Of course some 2 year old dressed as Harry Potter won (Lame), but the other two got 2nd and 3rd place.

A couple weeks ago Steven and I spent two days (and nights) transplanting all my flowers from my parents house to our flower beds. I'm sure we got some interesting looks from neighbors while we drove through Magna with a garden in our truck.

Shell had her sweet baby Spencer last week and Steven and I went to visit them. I love me some babies!

Such a cutie!

Doesn't he look wonderful with a baby in his arms??? :D

The proud parents Shell and Brian

And last but not least, Steven fixing yet another computer for an old ward member. It seems to be his calling in life. What a hunk ♥

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  1. Awe...such an adorable baby. I wish he was still that small. He's twice as big and growing like a weed!