Friday, July 22, 2011

Now that I am married and have someone else to write about, as well as a home to worry about and lots of other personal things I write about on my blog, I've decided to make it private. Plus some other privacy issues that have come up.
If you'd still like to read, please leave a comment with your email of where to send the blog email invite. Or send me a message on facebook or send it directly to Beckstreet (AT)


4 Comment(s):

Alli said...

pick me pick me! :) I sent you a message on facebook :)

Shell and Brian said...

I should hope you already have my email address...:)

erica said...

um...yes. i would like to continue stocking you. :) i have thought about going private too. it's so much safer but so much less convienant, so i go back and forth. but please add me to the list!

erica said...

okay, i didn't leave my address...i will send it to you on fb. :)