Thursday, July 07, 2011

The one day...

After almost 2 months of enduring (8 years for Steven) our neighbor's dog's barking, they finally put on a shock collar. Hooray for peace!!!

Not an hour later, (Not even kidding, an HOUR) our other neighbors have a new barking, yipping, constantly making a racket, new chihuahua caged up in their backyard. This flippin' dog barked ALL NIGHT without stopping. Two more nights and I will call the cops myself. I won't even make Steven do it for me. First, they have tuba boy (their 15 year old son practicing OUTSIDE, pointed at our house on his tuba gaining his Mexican polka skills. For an HOUR. Usually at 9pm too. don't even get me started on this one...) and now the dog? The exact DAY our other neighbors silence their dog? Is this God telling me I need to leave Magna?!? If so, keep up the dog and tuba and I'll be outta here in no time. We just can't catch a break. I'm surprised the little rat isn't hoarse by now. He's barking right now, which means this has been going for 16 hours straight. And they don't even care! AGH!!!!!

Okay, can't stand even typing about it anymore. Enough of the dumb mutt. (And I even LOVE dogs too!!!)

While preparing the garden this year (my new garden at our house) I came upon these beauties.
Eating mushrooms is sacrilegious to me (can you say worst texture of all time?), but I love the way mushrooms look. So fairy-land-ish.

Here's our backyard view of the valley. You get a nice look at the MASSIVE garden the church is growing behind the bishop's storehouse and old D.I. (now "deseret soap"). This was taken a month ago and now the plants are gigantic. I'll need to get a current picture. The smoke off in the distance is Rocky Mountain Raceway doing their jet cars. I thought they were loud at my parents house, but here we have no trees or buildings blocking the sound. loud stuff!

My "just because" flowers from Steven. ♥ I LOVE fresh flowers in the house!

For the 4th we went to the Magna parade (and got rained on), had pizza for lunch, went to Steven's mom and Garry's house to swim and a BBQ, and then to the Magna fireworks to finish it off. It was a busy but fun day. I'm sad the only picture I got was at the end of the day. (with me looking terrible with wet swiming hair and no makeup.I'm vain, so what)

We had fun spending our first holiday together as a married couple :) Happy Independence Day!

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  1. Like you, I love the look of mushrooms but cannot eat them. Yucky! I got some adorable garden decor mushrooms for my yard on clearance at Shopko. Hooray for clearance! And you look great all the time, especially in that picture at the fireworks! Happiness becomes you. Love ya tons!!!