Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Welcome my friend fall!

Last week I helped my sister set up her Christmas tree and other Christmas decorations. I can't wait to do ours now! Our family gets a little gung ho with Christmas decorations sometimes. either that or we don't even get a tree until Christmas Eve. That's happened at least 4 times in my life. Not this year! We have a fake Christmas tree so I can set it up whenever I want! Of course we'll stick up thanksgiving stuff as well.

I thought this was a cool idea for fall. Not sure where you could get the wheat though. Michaels perhaps?

Rachel found this creature online a while ago. I laugh every time I see it in my pictures folder. Id ecided to show it to you all. Tell me that doesn't make you laugh?

Here's a little thanksgiving treat idea. Get any kind of choocolate covered cookie, melt some chocolate or frosting and use a dollop to stick a marshmallow to it. Then cover the marshmallow with the frosting/chocolate and you've got a pilgrim hat! I need to find an idea for a pilgrim bonnet as well. I'll let you know!

Oh quick note, Shannon, if you still read my blog, you need to put comments on yours! I want to comment on all your cute Ideas and recipes but I can't! So fix it! (please :) )

So, I joined the Cyprus pit orchestra last week. They're doing Oklahoma and are in desperate need of strings so I joined. It's fun to watch these little (I mean LITTLE) kids doing a play. Pit always give you an interesting perspective. plus, because I'm Alumni I can come and go as I please and not have to be to every rehearsal. So nice. Matt Pugsley & Tim Platt are back doing it as well. Fun reconnecting with old high school buddies. The choreography is very well done and the actors are great. You should all come see it!

So I just got the twilight soundtrack and the new David archuleta album. Twilight, I love the linkin park song, but the others not so much. Most of the david songs are good and his voice is just perfect. I recommend it highly. I can't wait for the twilight movie to come out! I'm going to the midnight showing with Rachel and her friend is getting us in free because she works there. Stoked!

Well, I'm off to help my sister get her house cleaned a bit before her husband gets home from Samoa today and then I've got a lot of music to practice. Choir, Symphony and Pit stuff. Fun fun!



  1. WHAT?! you can't comment on my blog? weird... I wonder if nobody else can... I have never disabled commenting, so now I am wondering what the heck is going on... hmm.. I will look into it... Thanks for the tip, no one else has told me that, including people who have e-mailed me about my blog...

    PS- LOVE the pilgrim hats! I SO want to try that idea!!!

  2. omg how is Tim Pla-pie? Tell him Toni Mu-pie-er says hi. :) He'll understand!!