Friday, November 14, 2008

Migraine, Migraine, Go Away

So sick of my head hurting right now. Makes me want to crawl in bed and die. frustrating!

Pit orchestra is going well, our performance is next thurs-sat and the following monday. Today the stage crew kept opening the back door and each time lowering the temperature by 10 degrees. By the end of the night, my fingers were so cold and stiff I was missing every other note. They brought in space heaters, but if you have them turned up to high, it starts to melt things and catch certain wood instruments on fire. I'll stick with being cold rather then risk life and instrument for some heat.

Tomorrow I'm taking a test/entrance exam for a job in south jordan. If I get it, pay starts at $14/hr. Sweetness! I hope I get it because I'm in so much debt and the collection calls are starting to come in. Happens when you don't pay them I guess. :)

So, I went to therapy this week for my second session. I am now one of those freaky people who can say, "MY therapist...blah blah blah". She tells me I'm supposed to let people know of my anxiety/depression instead of holding it in and telling people I'm fine. It will help me heal faster. So....I get anxious and depressed if you didn't already know. It's the reason I came home from my mission. But after the therapy, they may let me go back. There, do I fell better? Um......Not really. Maybe I have to tell people in person. So someone call me so I can tell you. Sheesh, I can't wait until this is over! Mid life crisis goin on. But I've been over/through the worst of it, so I really can't complain.

Whew, new subject. No more pouring out my soul.

So, yesterday Joecelyn got engaged, for those who didn't see on facebook. Ian proposed last night and sent a mass picture text to us all showing off the ring on her finger. It's insane how many of my friends will be married by next year. Man I need a husband just so I can say I'm married and in the loop. Forget the whole love, courtship garbage, any takers? I mean what kind of 22 year old female freak isn't married by now? I think I'll just plan on being single forever and then I don't have to worry about it any more. Did you see 27 dresses? I'm turning into that, just without the guy in the end. Too much pressure in our culture for marriage. Maybe that's why I go to a therapist.

Going to bed now to try and sleep off this migraine before the test tomorrow (getting up at 6 on a saturday is a crime) Enjoy your weekend!



  1. omg, Becca, I agree about the marriage-culture-pressure...When I went to college, sometimes it felt like you were either looked down upon because you were married and pregnant at 21 ("oh my gosh-that's WAY too young!"...or "look at that pregnant woman waddling to her next class--doesn't she realize she's supposed to WAIT until she finishes school??") or looked down upon because you were 21 and single and ("you're obviously avoiding the church's commandment/prophet-so-and-so's quote to get married and have children the minute you meet an single RM...blah blah...")Those views are both silly. Just realize that you can't please everyone and, besides, it's none of their beeswax anyway! There, I will get off my soap box now!

    PS--speaking of marriage, JOCELYN is engaged?? email me pics, I wanna see! When is the big day?? Tell her I want an invitation! =)

  2. so... I think that getting married is a current epidemic.. I mean really.. have you noticed how many of us there have been lately? holy cow.. did you know that kim delis is engaged too? pretty crazy.

  3. oh and I updated my blog you should go read it RIGHT NOW!

  4. LOL I love reading your blog!! I can totally agree with you on so many things! If you ever need me to call you so you can talk in person, I would love to do that!! LOL You need to come hang out with me more!!! :(