Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Blast from the Past

One of my favorite bloggers ( did this, this past week and I loved it! I decided to do it for you guys and hope to see some of your own!

Most of these things are from elementary school for me. Do you remember Skip-it? I was PRO at this. I once went so far as to over count the counter. It had to start over. I loved it. Mine was of course, Pink

I have to admit, I still own my full collection of polly pockets to this day. I have about 15 and could never quite get rid of them. They were my all time favorite toy.

Did you guys ever play this game in MS-DOS? "One must fall" is what it was called, and I hear they have an actual online version you can play. I spent hours on this game and could never get quite as far as my brothers.

This one I'm sure you'll all recognize. NANO BABY MANIA!!! also giga pets. I owned one of each. I remember sitting in Mr. Gregorson's 6th grade class trying with all my might to keep this thing alive when I should have been learning how to do math. I adored these things, even if they did keep me up all night pooping and needing to be fed.

Treasure trolls! I think we had a treasure troll gang that would meet behind the relo's during recess. We thought our trolls were posessed and worshipped them in a way.

Who could go through life without lisa frank stationary? I had this picture on a folder that I kept for years.

I got this Barbie for my 12th birthday and still have it in a box somewhere. I thought it was the coolest thing ever.

So you guys, try and remember all your old toys and favorite things as a child, find it on google and post it!!! Brings back a flood of memories I'll tell you what. Oh, and welcom to Kristi S. to reading my blog! I kind of posted my blog address in a public place (how more public can you get than facebook?) and got a wham of visits. So any lurkers or old friends, please comment!


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  1. Nano pets, ha ha... I had two tamigatchis!! I loved em!