Monday, November 03, 2008


Well the election has crept upon us all. Oh wait, is that the same election they've been cramming down our throats in the media for months? Right. Two in the same. I forget.

I get the vote by mail option because I signed up online months ago, so I've already voted. Who knew all that 3rd ddistrict, judges and other mumbo jumbo would be included. How the heck do I know if a judge should be kept in office? And does Utah's Hogle zoo really need, what was it, 80 MILLION to renovate? seems a bit extreme to me, but then again I love animals.

Ok, off the political soap box. Just consider this reminder to you all to vote tomorrow. My motard brother says he's not voting because, " Why would I vote when I don't want either of them to win?" Um...BECAUSE WHOEVER WINS WILL CONTROL YOUR LIFE (in a way) Stupid brother. Most retarded reason not vote EVER.

My brother in law's dad died on halloween, so yesterday my brother in law flew to Samoa for the funeral and to see his family. Crazy time right now in our family. So all week Rachel and I will be taking turns staying with my sister. But then we all forgot that my dad will be in Texas for a couple days for work, and my mom hates being alone. Rachel and I will be stretching ourselves thin this week to help others-insert halo. Oh, also a Samoan family in ward just had their baby blessed a couple months ago, this week the 27 year old mom died of an unknown enlarged heart. Now the dad has 5 kids including a 5 month old to take care of on his own. It always takes someone you know to die to really kick your perspective of life into gear.

Have you guys heard Beyonce's new single, "If I were a boy"? I love it. She has such an amazing powerful voice, and the song is great too. Go to youtube and watch it, because it doesn't really make sense unless you watch the music video with it. Girls will love it. Guys, learn from it.

Off to make some carmel popcorn and some cheesy biscuits for my dad before he leaves. Ok, they're for me too, but I'll share. Sometimes I wish I didn't know how to cook. I wouldn't eat so much tempting stuff all the time. Such is life.


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