Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Stuffing Day

It's finally over! Our closing night was monday and it went really well (minus mic problems) and we had a packed house. I'm super glad I did the pit. Musicals are ALWAYS ALWAYS written in psychotic keys with either all flats or all sharps possible. Or in C with every accidental possible. I've played in 6 musical pit orchestras and have yet to be surprised by the difficulty of key signatures. Anyway, playing for Oklahoma has renewed my circle of fifths memory and when I went to SLCC orchestra last night it was cake. Six flats? Big whoop. Bring it on dawg.

Today I trimmed, thinned and layered Rachel's hair, then my mom dyed it. Hope fully it turns out well. It's making me scissor happy and I think I'll do something new with my hair. We'll see.

I"m seriously considering printing this out and pasting it to my forehead tomorrow. I'll be spending at my aunts house in Alpine with all of my dad's side of the family. I love thanksgiving, but I sure wish I was married with kids when people start asking "what I'm up to these days" I hate it when people ask me that! I think I'll try to constantly have some sort of food in my mouth so I can't talk. Andlike that will be hard to do for thanksgiving :)

I feel bad for vegetarians on thanksgiving. I bet half break free and eat some turkey. How could it possibly be resisted on such a holiday where it's the main event? I must admit though, stuffing and rolls are my favorite part. I'm not a pie person. Can't stand crust, and the only kind I'll eat is cherry or an apple pie made by Shell. I usually have 1part pie and 10 parts ice cream to drown out the pie. I'm odd. I know.

I hope you all travel safely, eat lots, have a good time with family and have a Happy Thanksgiving! Don't forget to be grateful!

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  1. LOL!!! You did Cyprus's pit? I remember c with every single accidental you can possibly imagine. BLEH!!!