Monday, November 03, 2008

Hair Bow How-To

This is per Toni's request and I have been super slow at putting it up. Sorry :P

The only way I could get Rachel to be my test subject was to let her use my computer while I did her hair. So don't mind my messy desk.

Pull hair into ponytail (is that one word or two? Hyphen perhaps?) and split into three sections. Make the center section smaller than the two outer sections.

Take the right side and make a loop and pin in place. Here's a video how to

It will look like this

Then loop the other side

Then roll the center piece up the same way as the sides. You're just rolling vertically instead of horizontal. make this roll big enough to pin over the elastic. And you're done! Takes practice to make it smooth looking and lots of bobby pins to stay in place if you have thick hair like my sister Rachel.


  1. YAAAAAAAAY! Thanks!

  2. Hey, Becca! I've seen your blog a few times and I love it, but I realized I've never said hi yet... so HI, BECCA! =) Thanks for letting me blogstalk you!

    PS--What a cool hair idea!