Friday, June 27, 2008

Holy Plethera of Weddings!

Did I miss the office memo or something?

Just the other day I'm at Mike's wedding reception. Great, another friend off the list of single buddies. Two weeks ago was Zach Frank's reception. Angela was first, she now has a baby, then Toni. Surprise, another baby (seems to happen in marriage). Then a couple weeks ago Shell calls up, ENGAGED.

GEEZ! Now Tony just tops the whole thing off! (oh, thanks for telling me first by the way Tony. Oh wait, you DIDN'T) All my orchestra/band friends are going to be married by 2009! Sad little me sits in the corner and cries all alone. No, don't set me up with some guy you know. (Unless of course, he's Rich, over 6'4", extremely hot, and plays an instrument)

I'll get over it. Sooner or later. Ya'll better not abandon me though! or else.......I won't baby sit your children.

I forgot to take my camera to Zach's reception, but remembered for Mike's. So here ya go.

Mike calls it a mutual agreement rather than a marriage between him and Holly. She agrees.


Cake. Beautimus.

They had a buffet of catered food including roast beef sandwiches, salad, pasta, freash fruit, and crepes. SUCH good food.

Randy invited Charity along. She always keeps things interesting. Oh, she's Randy's non-girlfriend whom he spends every second with. Isn't that a pretty serious commitment asking someone to a wedding reception with you?

Mike caught off gaurd. I would NOT let my husband wear those glasses for my wedding pictures. they may be in style now, but 10-30 years from now? Nope.

Holly the bride. I wish her luck in a life with Mike. She'll need it :)

Randy dresed up as on of the groomsman. Her colors were pink and black. Pink tie!

Pretty flowers.

They had big band swing, sinatra etc., playing the whole time. charity is a ballroom enthusiast and taught Randy how to dance. Here he is with Rachel doing swing. Rahcel took two dance classes last year for gym credits. It was fun to watch. I even got video!

I'm always interested in the cake design. Can't I touch it, PLEASE?!?!?!

Randy and Charity's favorite pose.


  1. I need to find you a man. You need to come back to WesTech. I miss you girl!

    Holy crap about Tony, I didn't see that one coming. I love how he told Shell and Joe and not us. :P poohead. Ah well I love him anyway.

    You and me and Shell need to have a crazy bachelorette party in August or September (separate from the public bridal shower) I think we should go see a movie, get pedicures and have a blast! Whaddaya say?

    btw, I kinda feel left out of all the festivities as well. I mean, I didn't have a big ceremony or reception, and it happened forever ago. I kinda feel your bummed-ness.

    Miss you kid... :)

  2. ok I blogged on my old blog. Felt like ranting :)