Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Because the number 22 isn't enough

The day I turned out of my teens was the day I started to feel old. My most recent birthday was hard to cope with. 22. It's like the candles were laughing in my face, "HA HA!!! You'll never regain your youth!" No, I'm not ancient, but I still feel like the 6th grader worried about my nano baby and what was the latest cool thing to do.

Last week was the final blow.

My little, yes, little sister graduated. I couldn't believe four years had passed since I was walking down the isle with my diploma wondering where I'd be in four years. Is it just me, or are high school students shrinking in height and intelligence? (and fashion sense, but don't get me started)

I know Rachel will do great in life. She is patient, hard working, and likeable. She had the best grades out of all us Hodgson children. Almost straight 4.0's since junior high. One good thing, I don't have to go to another graduation until Miles graduates in 18 years. Woot! Not even in the orchestra roasting under the stage lights. Yay!

Well, It's raining, and I need to catch up on scriptures and such. No better sound for reading than rain and thunder. Here are the picture highlights of the evening. All of them updated on my photo album.


  1. oh gosh remember how hot it was the day we graduated? Like 94... at least they didn't have to deal with that!!

  2. Holy heaven's yes! Our graduation was interesting to say the least. And the band/orchestra was never picked up by the bus so our instruments sat on the stage and we sang the school song and national anthem instead.