Monday, June 09, 2008

It's a little known fact that if you soak a seed or bulb in water for 24 hours before planting it, the germination time gets cut in half. My mom has a bucket of seeds. Really, a 3'x3'x3' bucket full to the brim with seed packets and bulbs. As you know, we bring the neighbor's dog Bruno over during the day and let him run wild with our dogs. My mom moved her bucket of seeds outside so he wouldn't destroy it (as he is wont to do). Too bad for her, she forgot about it, and it rained for 3 days straight. Today I discovered it. It was a bucket of seeds no more. It is now a water garden. All the seeds have sprouted in a mucky pool. Thousands of seeds. I say too bad for her because, well, she gave them all to me plant in my garden. I'm going to have the most decked out garden ever. We'll have a seriously huge water bill this summer, but vegetables, fruit and flowers beyond belief. Thanks Bruno.

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