Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Hairstylist for a day.

Yesterday I went with Michelle wedding dress shopping with her sister Kim. It was really really hot, and we had a really really fun time. We went to Chick-Fil-A for lunch (best chicken EVER) and browsed around for dress ideas. I haven't been to fahsion place mall in ages and missed all the cool shops compared to valley fair mall. Then we went to Shopko, Jamba juice to beat the heat and bridal shops and the bank.

It was so fun, I decided to it again today.

I went to practically every single store today with my mom and sister Rachel. Kind of a girls shopping day. We stopped at Chick-Fil-A (My family could have that stuff every meal if we could), shopko, dillards (looked at a $375 purse. *choke*) and bed Bath and Beyond. Busy day.

The store Icing is one of Rachel's and my favorite stores. They had a ton of stuff Paris/France/eiffel tower that we couldn't get enough of. We both settled for the same two things.

Metal 2"x 2" case with the eiffel tower picture on the front. PERFECT size for bobby pins (rachel's physco genius idea) and a little pill case.

As you well know, I constantly have a miniature first aid kit in my purse to ward off blisters and every kind of headache/migraine imaginable. I've decided to downsize to this. Though if my purse ever gets searched, I'll look like some kind of drug addict, which in technical terms, I probably am. Oh well. "I was prepared!" (name that movie and I'll send you a cookie)

And what shopping trip would be complete without a new pair of shoes? I only have two pairs of 3" black heels and needed a pair of flats to give my tootsies a break once in a while. Welcome in sweet things below. 12 wide!!! Normally wide is a little much, but these seemed to run narrow than most. Better safe than sorry I always say. well maybe not always.

And what female could pass by Bath and Body Works without trying something new or buying additional lotion for her never ending supply? You can never smell too good. We originally went in to look around, but of course walked out with a bag full of goodies. Sweet Pea is my signature scent and I HAD to have the new conditioner. Men will be restraining themselves from licking the hair on my head as I walk by. Now if they had some kind of pill that made your sweat smell like sweet pea....

Rachel and I constantly talk about the daring ventures of coloring our hair some drastic shade of black, blonde or purple. This week Rachel made it final and I colored her hair. this was her hoped for look.

And the outcome:
I'm still going to trim off an inch or two, more layers and a sweep, but we ran out of daylight.
The picture makes it look a lot lighter than it really is. Almost black in real life. Not mod looking, but snow white/Toni look because Rachel is the pale one in the family. I, on the other hand am called black-foot among siblings for my native american looking skin.
One of these days I'll go blonde. I swear. Once I get up the guts.


  1. In spite of the girliness of it all I like the tins.. the eifel tower one is my favorite

  2. Oh and if you do want to go blonde.. I have the stuff to make it awesome.. I do it to myself often enough I figured out the correct combination of chemicals... and why the crap dont I ever see you at church anymore?? huh? huh? huh?