Monday, June 02, 2008

major upgrade time

(no, that's not my current computer. But my dad used to have one like this when I was really little. this thing has about 80MG total. yikes)

In about one week's time, my computer will be at optimum performance! I just spent the last hour searching around the internet for hard drives and memory. As of today I have exactly 1GB of space left on my 80GB hard drive. My computer simply cannot keep up with all the applications I want to run at once, and my camera memory card is overflowing with pictures wanting to be shared with the world but alas, nowhere to put them. My PC is about to explode it's so overloaded.

In steps They always have the best deals for anything electronic related. I just purchased a 500GB hard drive and 2GB of SDRAM. Once I get my first paycheck(oh did I mention I got a part time job? more later) I'll get 1 more Gig of Ram so my computer will have no excuse for delay EVER AGAIN. That is, until I can afford a 1 terabyte hard drive. Hmmm....complications there. It's amazing how fast technology advances in this world. When I got my computer less than 2 years ago, I thought 80GB was way too much space than I could ever possiblyuse in my life. HA!!!!!!! Now I'm adding more than 6 times that amount and don't expect it to last more than 4 years. Computers are taking over the world I tell ya. Now just give me a Phone, MP3 player, Internet connection, computer, TV all in one with unlimited space, and I'll be good.

I'm excited. I can cram all the music and pictures I want with no worry if it will crash my computer because of freezing.

Anywho, back to the non geek part of my world.. I got a job! Part time anyway. I'm a contract employee for internet research company. I KNEW there had to be some kind of job that puts my amazing(yet humble) research skills to use. And the best part is? Well, actually their are several. 1. I get to work from home, 2. Choose my own hours, 3. NO phone calls. It's all typing/database/no personal contact goodness. I'm excited to start. I even get to do what I want on my computer if I'm not getting any inquiries. Like surf the web, music, email, fold laundry, anything. I'm stoked! Hopefully I'll be able to switch to full time. I get paid per inquiry, so hopefully their are enough to make a decent income. We'll see. I just hope it's not too good to be true.

Well, I have run. I'm picking up my neighbors from the airport at 7:30am and then a full day of shopping with my mom.


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