Monday, June 02, 2008

Chick Flick Book Style

Thursday I finally got my confirmation email letting me know "Twilight" was waiting for me on my friend the "hold shelf" at the library. I've heard rave reviews for this book from zillions of girls (in order of who's opinion I trust most book-wise) like Shell (Buckner), my Aunt, my grandma, my great aunt and numerous people of the younger generation. Not to mention Rave online reviews and New York times best seller.

Being so busy all week, I didn't have a chance to sit down and engross myself in this unknown wonder until after church today at 4pm. I just finished it an hour ago. Don't let that fool you into thinking I loved it as much as Harry Potter though. The HP series were the only other books I've ever read in a one day sitting because of my engrossment. I did enjoy twilight, but I have some rants to get of my chest as it was a far cry from perfect in my humble readers' opinion.

First off I hate that the authour would talk as Belle in first person. Reading "I" this and "I" that made me feel like I was reading a someone's journal, not a novel. Second, ok, ok, we get the point our main character LOVES Edward, and LOVES being kissed and embraced by his stone cold marble body, and that her heart pounds and thumps like crazy and the occasional dizziness when in his embrace. We got it after the Millionth KaZillionth time we read it, now move on with the plot!! One last thing that irked me was that our main character Belle, is what, 16? 17? And she's in love like they're getting hitched? I've never heard a teenager's ramnce be THAT serious and mature. Nope, not in this life would that be happening in high school. I think the author should have made them college age to be so serious. Other than that, I have no complaints. Great characters, great story, entertaining and intriguing. I've even ordered the next one (New Moon is it?) to continue on with the series.

I hear they're even making a movie out of this? I'm interested to see who they get to play two sixteen year olds and pull off a convincing deep love story. we'll see.

For a change of subject, my LITTLE sister is graduating on Thursday. Can you believe it? And I thought having friends get married and have kids made me feel old! This is the cherry on top. I remember my mom and dad bringing her home from the hospital, and now she'll be gettin' her groove on the pomp and circumstance dance of the grad. Odd feeling it is. Kind of like she "caught up" with me in age and will be a young single adult too. Too weird.

On a happy note, I actually prepared my primary lesson yesterday. And whaddyaknow, my lession went well and I think the 11 & 12 year old oddballs actually learned something in my class. It's so true what everyone says about the teacher learning more than the student. It was the story of Ammon, King Lamoni, King Lamoni's Father, and Aaron at the land of Middoni. I never knew all the details of the story before and never remembered names. It'slike it's stone ground into my memory now. Stick figures on a chalkboard really help the kids. Visuals stick more than words I think. Who knew I would actually enjoy being a primary teacher? Now if I could just remember all the words to the primary songs so I don't look like an idiot when everyone else is singing....

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  1. Not just girls rave about that book (twilight)... I like it too.. I have to admit I haven't made it past the 1st chapter in the second book though... its a real let down comparativly....