Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I don't do Bootcut

So, I was cleaning my closet out last night and happened upon some OldNavy Jeans size 20 Bootcut-Never been worn before. I tried them on and they generally fit(except the baggy-but as I have my mother's flat backside which is the case for all my jeans) and I thought, "Why don't I ever wear these? A nice dark wash, fit through the hips and they are long so I could even wear heels" Yes, I talk to myself when trying on clothes. Ask my sister. My mom and sister Rachel were in the room talking so I asked Rachel if they made me look fat. She said no, but I never believe her anyway. It's an unspoken duel of sisters when It comes to our looks. When we both walk out of the house in the morning we eye the other person and whoever looks better/cuter/more stylish that day "wins" no official announcement or bragging, but you just "know" they look better than you. Of course this boosts her self confidence all day that she looks better than me, while all day it's on the back of my mind that my little sister has schooled me once again. Of course this works in reverse too, I have my days and she has hers. It's just one of those things that goes on between my sister and me. Anyway, back to the point. So Rachel said they look fine, and I didn't bother asking my mom (she who wears tapered leg jeans that the waist is touching the band of her bra-no joke) she has no clue on how jeans should fit or be worn.. If you pulled her shirt up, she would be the cousin of Steve Erkill(?) her pants are so high. But then I looked in my mirror(my worst critic) and realized these were most tapered looking boot-cut pants I've ever seen. As in Make my hips look 5X their normal size. I DON'T THINK SO. Luckily I still have the tag and I'm taking them back. I think I will stick with Wide leg and flare. i just don't have the body type for bootcut no matter how much people say they flatter every figure. They don't realize what Body I was cursed with. Belly like a pregnant women, butt....what butt???? B cup for bra(this is one area I'm cool with), and I have pretty decent legs (i.e. toned, tan and proportional) except for the knocked knee part. Makes me look like a flamingo if I lock my knees. I just need a seemstress to make me some custom jeans. Jeez. I give up............


  1. that was entertaining...bootcut jeans are my favorite

  2. ya know.... I've got agree with michelle on this one... boot cut jeans really are the best.. its sad that you dont like them. Im glad that Im not a girl. I dont think I would ever make it in this ruthless game of "I look better than you"