Saturday, May 26, 2007

Ensign Peak

Two Saturdays ago Rachel and I hiked Ensign peak together. There were so many wild flowers all over the mountain, and all the trees had new leaves. It was gorgeous!

Their was a stake group also hiking which stunk because we were hoping to get the hike to ourselves. Oh well, you have to share the outdoors I suppose. It took us about 30 minutes to get the top. It's a good hike, just the right amount of steepness and the right length. Good workout if you walk at a fast pace like we did. Here are the pictures. Enjoy!

Our energizing "Trail mix"

Me before the hike

First sight you see as you get around the first bend. B-E-A UTIFUL!! quite picturesque

Taking a water break

Our destination from halfway up


The picture didn't do the flowers justice. the were gorgeous flowers. Wild too!

Call me Ms. Buff Woman

She strong too..

Look Ma!!

My hands hurt SO much from that rock!!!

SLC Valley

The monument at the top of the hill

I think I walked through 3 spider webs to get in place for this pic. Yuck!

West Valley / Oquirhh mtn's

What can I say, she likes the camera

Wasatch Mtn's

More of the flowers


  1. It is FREAKIN GORGEOUS up there! I'd forgotten waht it looked like. I think you just started an epidemic of wanting to hike ensign peak. Now I just need a man game enough...

  2. So I'm back. pooheads.