Thursday, May 03, 2007

Cico de Mayo

Yesterday was the first day in my life that I have celebrated The above mentioned holiday. It's not even the holiday yet either. Pretty much my company bought a milllion bgas of Chips and Salsa for everyone. So much that our group of 13 people stuffed themselves yesterday and are doing it again today with all the leftovers. Yummy treat and kudos to the person who thought that up!!
Last night(this is a late-last night-post) my mom and I went to Walmart and bought $90 worth of flowers for our front yard. That's what's nice about this whole mission thing. My mom is kind of splurging for it. She won't even do that for my wedding reception!!! She said we would always have to pay for that ourselves. But hopefully our yard will be finished by the time I leave and I can have my farewell "party" of sorts outside after my talk!!!! that would be awesome. So I'll be running home after work and planting as many flowers as I can in an hour, then going to Walmart with Kristi and Megan to get food for Park City this weekend.
I don't think I hav mentioned any of that at all. Te park City thing. Well, Here goes. Kristi Schroeder wanted to plan a big party for me before I leave on a mission. So, We (Kristi, Cameron, Ian James, Megan Carlile, Heather Beck, Shana Richards, a bunch of people from my ward and my "other" group of friends I guess you could call it) are going to stay in a condo in Park City for this weekend and pretty much have a giant slumber party for 3 days. Should be fun. Also the Oldnavy and Nike outlets are down there, so I'm way ready to do some shopping!!!! So excited!!
Dangit, It's 5pm and I have to run. Seeya!


  1. so about this fairwell party..... you had better invite me and tell me as soon as you know because Im flying out for it.. (given that you tell me when it is)

  2. mmmmmmm chips and salsa....... is there anything better?