Thursday, May 17, 2007

The pain.....the AGONY!!!!!

So I'm at work on a slow day(Read-BORED OUT OF MY MIND!!) and ever since I got to work this morning(on time for the first time in weeks) and my entire body has been aching. I cannot figure out why!! I moved a couch and a chair yesterday about 100 feet. It was a piece of cake, I highly doubt that's why I hurt.FREAKING!!!!!! My legs are aching, my back, EVERYTHING HURTS!!!! I've never had the flu, but they say you get muscle aches. I've got some SERIOUS muscle aches. IT'S KILLING ME!!!!!! This post is supposed to be all the pictures from girls night out, but I'm at work and I forgot to bring the camera. so this is just me whining about hurting. I wasnt to scream!! It doesn't hurt enough to REALLY hurt, but it's this same aching sore dullness I've ben feeling for hours. I think I'm going to go get a tylenol or something. I'm dying here. It's only 2pm. Dang it. 3 more hours of work. I'm going to get a tylenol now.

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