Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Park City Trip

So last weekend I went to Park City. It was SO STINKING FUN!!!!!!!!! It was Kristi Schroeder, Megan Carlile, Cameron Ellsworth, Ian James, T.J. Miller, Heather Beck, Chris Scott and Myself. Kind of ironic that it turned out to be four boys and four girls. The condo was super nice and huge too. We had a spiral staircase!!! (which we all slipped down a plethera of times) It snowed pretty much the entire time we were there. Non of it stuck though, so that was good. We had a Gas fireplace which made it nice and cozy. T.J. and Chris went out the frist day to the outlet stores and bought a bunch of nerf guns. Which then proceeded to turn into a -I kid you not- 5 hour long nerf war. I want to go paintballing now, It was so fun! T.J and I had this thing where we kept killing eachother the whole time. great fun. Cameron had a dead aim shot at my left cheek. I swear he hit my cheek 20 times in the exact same spot. But I got him back during a closet rampage, and also where all the girls ganged up on him to get the darts he was hiding out of his pockets. Two of us held him down and the other two grabbed all the darts, all while he was screaming in the most femmy voice ever, "rape! rape!!" it was hilarious. I'd like to think the girls won, but no one really knows. It was awesome though. Every home should own a nerf gun. Friday night we watched the end of the Sean HAnnity and Rocky Anderson Debate. I thought it was funny how Rocky would never answer the question. He would just start reading from his stupid paper again. Saturday Morning the girls made waffles, sausage and bacon for the guys for breakfast. We all went to the outlets saturday afternoon and did some shopping. I got 7 Old Navy shirts for $45!!!! What a steal. They also had a Nike store where I bought two shirts and a jacket. All this was during the snowstorm that we wore our flip flops through. Who knew it would still be snowing in May? It was so fun getting to hang out with Chris and T'J. they are both ourageous and so fun to be around. Ian is nuts(as usual) but it wouldn't have been the same without him. I can't wait to do it again when I get back from my mission!!

Chris with his pistols and helmet attacking the girls.

Ian got his head stuck in the spiral staircase. No one helped him till we all got a picture!

TJ on th ledge hangin out.(probably 15 ft above the floor) yikes

Chris and his deadly aim with the semi automatic nerf gun.

Me and ma' Gun. watch out!!! I was the "sniper" of the group

Ian loading up more ammo

Our target practice before the war
Weapons of mass destructionThe mole coming out in the morning.
Megan watching the waffles cook

The mole in it's natural habitat

Mmmmm!!! Breakfast!!!!

who else would get stuck cooking something they are allergic to?
The guys trying to pick the lock(ended up breaking it) on my suitcase because I forgot the key. Yes, My new mission luggage

Ian hanging out

We watched "Just Like Heaven" on Kristi's and My bed. good show.

Megans B-day was sunday so we made cupcakes. cool candles huh?

Can't get together with a group of friends and not play the skittles game

Mmmmm.....Taste the rainbow
He cheated and sucked on his the whole game

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