Monday, April 30, 2007

The death of blogworld

Wow. Everyone is killing off there blogs left and right. All I can say is, I hope everyone keeps reading mine! I plan on blogging forever. I wasn't ever good at keeping a journal, but this!! This has been my relief to life. Where I can write anything down I want and no one cares. I can piss-off about my problems, talk about the latest crush, whine about my weight and tell about when my dog throws up. I LOVE this blog and love writing in it. It is part of me and part of those who read it(if they still do!!) I will stay here in the land of blogging even if I'm by myself. Just me and my blog, I'm fine with that. I'll keep it going on for anyone to read whenever. It will always be here, never changing, (HA as I just changed my layout) and always here to comment on. I'll still have my sister post all my emails and letters here with pictures as well. so Keep me bookmarked!!!!!

Well, Here is what's been going on in my life this week.

Papers have been in SLC since last week. I could get my call on Wednesday!!!! I'm not getting my hopes up though. I'm expecting it next week.

Today I go to the Bank to sell my car to my brother. *sadness* I cleaned out my car last night and I wanted to cry. My first car, favorite car, my FREEDOM!! It's now going to belong to my stinky brother Randy who will speed like no other, kill the engine, scratch it to peices and make out with his girlfriends in it. Yuck. Well, another part of life moving on. I saw the 2007 passat parked next to me today. I LOVE IT!!!!! I doubt that's what I'll be getting when I get back though. I can dream :) I never even named it............sad.

Today was our April B-day party. We had 4 people in our group (including me) with a b-day this month. Seeing how I'm the Admin, I got to plan it with $80. We had Pizza Hut, Rootbeer floats, and Cake. YUM. Very good lunch if I say so myself. Well planne on my part. Plus getting paid to go shopping at Walmart is nice too :) I hope I go somewhere with a Walmart on my mission. I think I will go into withdrawl if they don't have one where I'm going.

Bffffff. I'm stuffed with cake and rootbeer and pizza.........bufffffff....

I had my last choir perf. last night for Institute Graduation. Kind of sad. I will miss it a lot. I got my copy of our Christmas CD from last semester. We sound good except for some stupid soprano(it'a always a soprano isn't it?) that sounded like she was whining the whole time. Other than her, we sound Pretty good. My director will finish this semesters CD by the fall, so I won't get to hear it till I get back. Darn. Maybe I'll see if I can post a song on here when I get home. Still working on getting the DSL hooked up though. I have to do all my internet stuff at work. Annoying. ONe of these days.....

I'm so behind on Grey's anatomy and Lost. Maybe I'll stay late tomorrow and watch them all after work. there's a thought.

Oh, I almost forgot, Whe I do get my call, I should find out in the morning and call everyone to come to my house that night if you can. We'll be having a ton of people over and Pizza while I open the call. I want everyone to guess!!!!!!

I went to a Bachelorette part on saturday. It was cute (and clean) and held at Applebees. We dressed the bride up in Boa's and a viel and tons of jewelry. all the gifts were cards and money, chocolate and lotion type of stuff. Then some guy that makes balloon animals and such came over. The bride requested a "pole" for her bedroom. she then texted her fiance that a hot guy gave her a pole for their honeymoon. It was hilarious. I even got a picture with her leg wrapped around it. It was fun. But NEVER order Applebees Zexty chicken sandwhich. It was nasty. It had this wierd pepper flavor and was just gross. Their Buffalo wings appetizer is delish though.

Have I rambled enough for you? My lunch is technically over, even though I was setting up the food for 20 minutes of it. Tonight after the handing over of my car, I am going to the gym. I am getting what I think is the beginning of stretch marks on my under arms(either that or a wierd looking rash) and vowed I would never get large enough to get stretch marks. that was my ultimate fatness limit. So, off to work out my arms!!!!!!

OH!!! almost forgot!!! Yesterday right before I leftm yhouse for the choir performance (which Tony sluffed) I was coming down the stairs and my heel (3" mind you) got stuck in a piece of our carpet that was ripped (Top step of course) I'm in my long dress too and Wa-BAMO!!!! I totally fell down the stairs. Not the falling where you skitter down on your feet as if they were ski's, but where I fell, my shins caught my fall on the bottom step (yes TOP to BOTTOM step) so I cut up my shins and have these massive bruises. swollen too. Then after my body realized it had more momentum to keep going, I face planted into the floor. It was acrobatic I tell you. After laying on the floor for 5 minutes in a sense of shock, crying because of the pain (I never cry, so it was quite embarrassing) my family is freaking out wondering if I split my head open and broken every bone in my body. It was traumatic I tell you, traumatic. I was then 10 minutes late for my performance (I am NEVER late for performances) so my entertainer brain kicked in and told me to buck up and start driving to SLCC so I would make of fool of myslef walking in late to the performance. Several people asked me if I got a sunburn, I told them yes, but it was from crying. (like I would admit to that) But other than a slight Gimpy walk, You can't even tell that I saw my life flash before my eyes yesterday and almost died.

I'd say that's a good way to end a blog for the day, wouldn't you?


Still gimpy, Bec


  1. Wow... you graceful like me. :D

  2. Dude, you crack me up. You have a sense of flair and style that I'm envious of...:)

    Toni, it reminds me of walking into that guy at school. :)

  3. yeah, that was pretty funnny, i must say!

  4. sad about the car... Randy doesnt deserve your car... he'll make it smell funny....